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Post Brexit Britain. Who Are We?

What will Britain look like, feel like, be like to live in, when we are no longer members of the European Union?  The outcome of the Brexit referendum has stimulated a widespread debate about our national identity, with many people looking to express how they feel about our nation as we approach a future outside the EU.


Sky Arts has funded 50 projects to look into this question. We look forward to announcing the final list of exciting commissions very soon.


What is Art 50?

Sky Arts launched Art 50 to invite artists of all kinds, from all walks of life, from all artistic genres, to create a piece of work which says something important about what it will mean to be British after we leave the European Union. What have we discovered about the people who make up the UK? 

Over various commissioning rounds we are funding 50 projects including animations, theatre, dance, music, film, art, sculpture, poetry - the list goes on -  that responds to the question….

What will it mean to be British?  

What were the criteria?

At the beginning of February 2017, key figures in the arts world across disciplines and across the country were invited to a consultation to help decide the criteria for commissioning: 

We looked for ideas of all sizes that spoke on the subject of Britishness and which:

  • Engage rather than lecture
  • Relate to suburbs and rural communities as well as towns and cities
  • Allow us to hear and understand many points of view 
  • Help us to understand how we’ve got here
  • Taken together, represent a diversity of opinion
  • Include new voices as well as established artists
  • Make a splash, or leave a lasting legacy – or both!

How much funding was there?

Sky Arts has allocated £1m to Art 50. This covers the cost of making the TV documentaries we will make over an Art 50 evening in Spring 2019 and all the arts projects it will fund.  

Thank you for visiting our website. We are hoping to announce the remaining 35 commissions any moment so please do come back soon.

Submitted projects

These are the first 15 projects from Round 1 of Art 50. From poems to plays, from music to marketing and from roadside photography to robots!

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