Sky Arts Art 50

LATEST NEWS: This is an Island? premiere sold out!

Dancexchange show for Art 50 'This is an Island?' opened to a packed audience at the Birmingham School of Art last night.


In further news...

What is Art 50?

What will Britain look like, feel like, be like to live in, in the wake of the Brexit vote? The outcome of the Brexit referendum has stimulated a widespread debate about our national identity, with many people looking to express how they feel about our nation as we approach a future outside the EU.

50 projects funded by Sky Arts on this topic will be showcased on TV in Spring 2019.

They will also be showcased at free festivals in February at the Barbican on Saturday the 23rd February and at the Sage and Baltic on Sunday the 24th February 2019. Come along!

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You can also see the Barbican Art 50 Festival press release here: